Murim Rpg Simulation Wiki, Review and More

Murim RPG Simulation is an Action Fantasy Manhwa based on an original web novel. It is quite a unique method of cultivating manhwa. It is very enjoyable, and the MC is smart and powerful without being overwhelming. So, in this article, we will be talking about Murim RPG Simulation Wiki and other unknown details.

Murim RPG Simulation Wiki + Overview

Murim RPG Simulation was developed by Ntreev Soft, a Korean company. In 2005, the game was released. This immersive experience allows players to become powerful martial artists while discovering martial arts secrets.

It combines real-life combat with strategic gameplay. The game allows players to customize their characters by adding unique stats, special weapons, and accessories. Additionally, the game offers a variety of optional side missions for you to boost your experience points even further.

Murim RPG Simulation Story Line

Murim Rpg Simulation Wiki features a story set in a medieval Korean fantasy world in which the players are given the role of a martial artist who must overcome many challenges. Over time, they will encounter different challenges and opponents, eventually becoming the strongest fighter in the land. Also, they will learn about the ancient rivalry between the different martial arts schools along the way.

Characters of Murim RPG Simulation

  • Seol Hwi – He is the series’ protagonist. Seol Hwi is the only person who can see strange words on screens after he is killed in a trap.
  • Ryeong – Ryeong belongs to the Red Demon Court cult.
  • Heuk Bi
  • Sima Gui – The oldest one
  • Chik San – The baddest one
  • Juk Myung
  • Bu II Gi
  • Yo Rim

Murim RPG Simulation Review

In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated manhwa of all time. It’s a hidden gem! Unlike what I expected, it’s a slow manhwa. It becomes worthwhile after returning to it and then reading chapter 50, followed by binge-reading. While the story isn’t original, it was carefully read so as not to be influenced by the choices of the characters.

This first chapter contains the foundation that mangas all have, but it is not the same as other mangas. Unlike many other novels, it has its own distinct plot and character development that doesn’t just turn into an op overnight.

Overall, I recommend watching this, although it may not be as fast as a staged op, whatever it is, it created the most unique approach to telling a well-known story. It’s really enjoyable because of that. For more details & Updates, visit –

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